For 10A-gers

In April of 2022 the class f10a decided to create a class magazine together. The students worked on the magazine for several lessons, using an online tool that allowed them to individually work on their respective pages simultaneously.

Before starting the actual work, though, the class had to decide on a common topic. In the end they decided to write about what it’s like to be young today, what questions they have on their minds, what interests and moves them in these troubled times.

After deciding on the overall topic, the class brainstormed which typical parts a magazine normally consists of. After that students had to organize themselves with the help of our two editors-in-chief and assign a number of sub-topics and kinds of contributions.

Our creative director created a general design idea that can be seen throughout the magazine. Then, the actual work started. The editors-in-chief monitored their editors‘ efforts, helped them with tricky decisions and sometimes with grammar, too 😉.

And here is the outcome… enjoy the very first and only issue of „For 10 A-gers“.

By f10a and Mr Süßmann